Hurry! An urgent and time sensitive message from Dylan Madden!

“Jeff Bezos sees a recession coming”

“Recession is imminent, according to Bank of America”

“7 of the world’s top economic minds think a global recession is coming. Some say it’s already here”

“But The Guys Who Are Thriving Despite The Crisis… What Are They Doing?”

FINAL WARNING: If you're trying to find a plan to escape the imminent global collapse...

Here’s how to survive and prosper:


I don't know if it was luck or fate that put this page before your eyes today (in just a second you'll understand)… 

But I do know this:

Millions around the world are losing their jobs:

Millions around the world are losing their jobs:

Inflation is on the rise and shows no sign of slowing down:

Inflation is on the rise and shows no sign of slowing down

The economy shows no signs of improving:

The economy shows no signs of improving
And all those daunting scenarios add up to one terrifying truth:

We’re on the brink of the biggest crisis the world has ever faced.

A crisis so huge it will make the “2020 Lockdown Recession” like “the good old days”.

Because when the US enters its worst recession in the coming months, the global effects will be devastating.

Now, I want to be clear about one thing:

I’m not here to instill fear.

In fact, I’m here to give you great news:

You can protect yourself from the recession...

Like thousands who now are thriving despite the economy.

And no, I’m not talking about rappers, sports stars, or rich kids.

I’m talking about regular guys with:

  • No luck
  • No silver spoons
  • No special talents

I’m talking about…

Regular working-class folks who are doing great despite the rough economic climate.

Maybe you've seen them showing revenue screenshots of Twitter.

Or posting pictures of a new car or an apartment.

Or announcing that they closed a big client.

Well, do you know what’s the best part of all of that?

Anybody can do like them.

Anyone can weather the recession and thrive.

And if you read this short page to the end…

In the next 3 minutes, I’ll show you…

How you can thrive despite the crisis.

OK, I know this may sound like something incredible to some people...

But when you see what I’m about to show you…

You’ll instantly realize that I’m being modest with my claims.

Now, the thing is… while you’re reading this…
The clock is ticking and the longer you wait, the harder it will be to escape the impending collapse… BUT…
As I told you:

I’m not here to talk about the problem, but the solution.

And here's the great and relieving news:

You can forget the crisis and your economic struggles.

This means you won't need to worry about:

  • Losing your job 
  • Not being able to pay rent or bills (no more eviction nightmares)
  • Not being able to help your parents
  • ​Not achieving financial independence
  • ​Struggling to afford basic necessities like food and healthcare
  • ​Lack of success in saving money or building financial stability
  • ​Not having funds to travel and enjoy your life as you deserve
  • ​Not being able to start a business and pursue your dreams

Does a life without worries sound good to you?

Here’s the key to making it through the crisis ahead…
And let me start with something crucial:

You won’t survive a crisis doing what most recommend:

  • Saving
  • Budgeting
  • ​Asking for a raise

And please forget about “cutting expenses” and living a “frugal life”.

The reason?

Perhaps those strategies could have worked 100 years ago.

But considering the severity of the upcoming crisis…

And the inflation levels…

Those methods won’t get you too far.

To put it in simple words:

You won’t solve a new problem (AKA the upcoming recession) with outdated resources, such as:

  • Working two jobs
  • Doing extra hours 
  • ​Saving pennies

Okay, you need to make more money.

That’s a fact, but…
To survive and thrive during the crisis, you need to do something that meets the following wealth criteria:

1. Must be something with limitless potential:

Unlike a normal job when others decide forehand how much you earn…

Here your earnings are not limited.

It means there’s no upper limit to the amount of money you can make.

2. Must be something that guarantees you maximum freedom:

You can work on your own terms without the constraints of a traditional 9-to-5 job.

You set your own schedule and can work from anywhere in the world.

3. Must be something that gives you the maximum control:

You set your own prices, choose your own clients, and decide what to do with your earnings.

You don’t have to beg or wait for a measly raise anymore.

And in just a minute I'll show you a proven way to make money that meets these wealth criteria…

But before that, let me tell you a quick story…

It’ll help you see how anyone can thrive starting from ground zero.

I’m Dylan Madden, and you wouldn't guess where I was a few years ago…

This is something that some people find hard to believe.

They see:

My pictures in Dubai

My vlogs driving supercars through the mountains

My Instagram posts traveling the world all year round

And it's hard for them to believe that...

Only a few years ago, I was fat and broke as a joke.

Those days…

I was driving for Uber and cleaning disgusting bathrooms clogged with tampons.

And my biggest goal was to earn $20,000 a year.

Nowadays, it’s easy for me to make more than that in just a month.

All by working a few hours a day from my laptop wherever I am in the world.

And no, this isn’t to brag but to show you what’s possible.

Because in less than four years:

  • I built a thriving 6-figure online business
  • ​I made over $8 million for my clients (they’re your favorite personalities)
  • ​I retired my mom (I pay her a salary, so she can do whatever she wants)
  • ​I built a team of winners (they are well-paid and live abroad)
  • ​I became a man financially secure and location independent…

Yes, I started from square one, and I’ve come a long way...

But the most important part of all this is:

Anyone, with a modicum of common sense, can achieve the same...

And if you're wondering how (and if you’re reading this, it's because you are)...

Here’s how:

This is your door out of the global economic collapse:
Presenting: The Money Bag Method
It isn’t a guide. It isn’t a book. And it isn’t a course.

The money bag method is a unique system that allows anybody to make money…

  • Doing something you enjoy (jerky bosses? Nevermore)
  • ​Doing something location free (no commute, no office)
  • ​Doing something you can control (you decide how much you get paid)

​The best part?

With the Money Bag Method you can do something with limitless leverage... 

You decide how much you grow.

And it has nothing to do with:

  • “Get-rich-quick” schemes
  • ​Those shiny objects online gurus promote
  • The “hustling backward” culture

This system has been leveraged by over 2,000 students around the world.

They have gone from broke regular guys to profitable and in-demand experts.

I have taught thousands to become profitable freelancers.

And I can teach you the same with my personalized guidance here:
Some of the results regular guys got with my system:
“Ok, I’m Sold At This Point, But... How Does This Work?”
I’m glad you asked.

Let me explain.

My method is simple and effective.

It’s a proven system that allows anyone to predictably find high-paying clients.

So you can sell your services from anywhere in the world...

“But I never did that, and I don’t know what service to sell”

I’ve got you covered. I’ll teach you:

  • What skill to choose
  • ​How to sell it (you WON’T need sales experience) 
  • ​And how to find the best clients, so you can earn a steady income by working a few hours a day.

“Do you think I’ll be able to do that even if I don’t have experience?”

I’ll show you the exact steps I use and have taught hundreds of guys who had no experience.

And now they are living life on their own terms.

Take, for example, what one of my students told to the New York Post:
I realized I didn’t even know what copywriting really was until Dylan Madden taught it...

It Doesn't Matter, Even If You Think You Don't Know Or If You Feel You Can't...

I teach you everything you need to know to get results like this:

With this system, you don't have to feel anxiety or stress...

Or wait for a measly raise or live with fear thinking your boss will fire you.

Once you put into practice what I teach you...

You'll be in a position to decide where and how much you want to work and when 
and how much you want to earn.

And if you want to start right now, just click the button below.
If you join right now, you get access to:
1. My two flagship courses (valued at $597, and you won’t get them anywhere else)... You’ll learn to sell your service to clients, understand your best skill, and you’ll have proven methods to find clients quickly.

2. My unlimited content idea system... You'll learn how to sell in every email, templates to go from a blank page to “ready to print money” emails, and tactics I'm using right now… so you won't get outdated techniques that aren’t working anymore.

3. Thousands of resources for sales, web design, and other profitable skills.

PLUS: You'll have the chance to learn from hand-picked experts to learn stocks, copywriting, crypto, and more.

We’re talking about the best in their fields.

Absolute goats that will provide you with the knowledge you'll need to thrive in 
this new digital economy.

And last but not least...

You also get direct access to me DAILY to ask questions.

Whenever you have doubts, I’ll solve them for you.

I’ll give you a unique strategic answer based on your current situation...

So you can implement and get the results that you want.

Just this is worth a few thousand, considering people pay me even up to $2,000 for just one consulting call.

If you understand the value of all of that and how this will help you to achieve your goals... click the button below to start right now:
Here’s a small peek of what you’ll learn inside:
  • What you really need to build to be a successful freelancer.
  •  The single element that gives you instant credibility and how you can build it with ease… no matter what kind of service you want to offer.
  • How you can avoid falling into the trap most newbie freelancers fall systematically.
  • ​Why specificity is a superpower and how to cultivate it.
  • An almost instant way to build rapport and get paid without manipulation. It doesn't matter if your network is small, or if you don’t have testimonials. That's not a hack, it’s a complete strategy and I’ll show you: the psychological reason why this strategy works and all steps to implement it, in any niche.
  • ​How to “fortify” your schedule against distractions… the easiest productivity technique… even someone who hates productivity techniques could apply it.
  • Why the “standard” advice about cold email can get you into serious problems if you’re a beginner… what to do instead… and what’s the best moment and the approach you can apply to get scalable results.
  • ​An advanced and powerful Twitter tactic you could use to build rapport and borrow, in a cool move, the authority of any big account or personality.
  • How anyone can make it as a freelancer with an anonymous profile. Do this and make prospects respect you and hire you. Mess up it and pay the consequences.
  • ​What kind of “traits” are big red flags you should spot and avoid in some leads… as if your life depends on it. Because it depends.
  • ​Resources.
  • ​And the list goes on...

The world is changing… and you need to prepare, here’s how…
It’s a fact:

Things are changing fast.

The world the school told you about no longer exists.

Things are much different than they were 6 months ago.

The online possibilities make everything go like a bullet.

The thing is…

Are you the one shooting the bullet or the target?

Are you the one driving the change or are you being left behind?

You can use the new possibilities to move forward…

Or you can let others pass you by.

The world is fast and wild.

If you want to thrive… besides money, you're going to need allies.

You need to be part of a strong network that has you covered when things get tough.

And believe me...

The tough times will come, sooner rather than later.

If you want to be part of the strongest network, here’s my invitation to join The Real World.

Here's what life looks like after you become recession-proof and got your back covered by a powerful network
  • ​You have a predictable source of income that you control... (nobody can fire you).
  • ​You have a well-stocked emergency fund (you don’t have to worry about possible incidents).
  • ​You start to manage a diversified and strong investment portfolio (stocks, crypto, personal finance, Amazon FBA, etc.)
  • ​You have a strong support network of like-minded individuals around the world (this alone puts you way ahead of the curve).
  • ​You have limitless resources, daily updated information, and a skill set that allows you to CHOOSE your reality.
  • ​You have a healthy and fulfilling personal life (this is how you become a beacon of positivity for everyone around you).
  • You have the opportunity to travel and explore new countries… if you like to travel (you'll have friends everywhere ready to pick you up at the airport).
  • ​You have the freedom to make choices and decisions about your life (no working schedules, no commutes, no bosses, YOU'RE THE BOSS)
  • ​You have the opportunity to give back and help others (you can retire your parents, take care of your brothers, or donate to charity).
  • ​You can do whatever you want without the restrictions most people face.

That means you start to live your life like the elite, like 2% of men, like the chosen ones. If that’s what you want, click the button below:
This is your final warning:
And no, I'm not CNN, I have no interest in scaring you.

I’m just a man who escaped from illusion and wants to show you the real world.

But if you want to break free from the Matrix…

There's a little time left.

As you read this, the economy is worsening.

The prices of goods and services are increasing.

And the dollar and all currencies are losing their value.

This means that...

With each passing day, you need more money.

Of course, this can be a problem when you don't know how to earn it...

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The Longer You Wait, The More You'll Regret It: This Opportunity Won't Last Forever!

As you are reading this, things are changing fast out there.

In a couple of years, the world will be very different from how you know it.

And what does that have to do with you?

To give you a quick example:

Things will cost way more money.

And a regular job won't give you what you need to break even.

And that's not all…

The way money is earned is changing, too.

You won’t be able to make it using old, outdated methods.

This means everyone and their cat will try to make it online.

The online economy isn't mainstream yet, but it won't be that way for too long.

And when more and more people try to start an online hustle...

Things will get saturated.

That means more competition, more supply than demand, and lower prices.

Only those who start today will have an edge…

And only those who take action right now will take advantage of this opportunity 
before everything crashes.

This means that if you don't start right now…

You'll miss the biggest opportunity to make money online…

Just like you missed the best times to make money in the last two years.

This is your last opportunity, your last call.

  • ​If you ever wanted to improve your situation…
  • ​If you ever wondered how some guys are doing great despite the hard times…
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If you miss it, you and yours will pay the consequences.

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I’m saying this because I know what it’s like to struggle.

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All you need is to make a small, right decision.

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